Peter Ackroyd: Dressing Up, 1979.

Sachbuch über die Geschichte von Crossdressing und Drag mit vielen historischen Fotos.

Peter Ackroyd: Dressing Up, 1979.

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Autor: Peter Ackroyd. Titel: Dressing Up. Untertitel: Transvestism and Drag. History of an Obsession. Verlag: Thames & Hudson Ltd, London. Erscheinungsjahr: 1979. ISBN: 978-0-500-27169-8. Bindung: Taschenbuch, 160 Seiten. Ehemaliger Preis: k.A.



Transvestism, a subject abounding in its own myths and folklore, is as old as sexual differentiation itself: the history of men dressing as women, and vice versa, may surprise many in revealing that transvestism is a universal condition, a phenomenon which can be traced in many cultures from the most ‚primitive‘ to the most ’sophisticated‘, an occurrence whose significance has varied sharply and paradoxically in social history, as anthropological studies have revealed. Yet, despite its universality, this is the first serious general study of the subject.

Peter Ackroyd, a critic, poet and Features Editor of The Spectator, has traced this history in his refreshingly objective account of transvestism in life – among American Indians, in African societies and religions, in ancient Greece and Rome, and up to the present – as well as in the theatre, the cinema and in literature. The numerous, wide ranging illustrations make an impressive contribution to this fascinat ing survey of a human condition which has often provoked violent hostility in certain societies, but which has been accepted and even institutionalized in others.

With 146 illustrations.

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Themen: Crossdressing und Drag

Genre: Englisch und Geschichte

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