Blank/Kaldera: Best Transgender Erotica, 2002.

23 short stories about transsexuals, crossdressers, and others who can’t be so rigidly defined.

Blank/Kaldera: Best Transgender Erotica, 2002.

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Herausgeber: Hanne Blank, Raven Kaldera. Titel: Best Transgender Erotica. Verlag: Circlet Press, Cambridge, MA, United States. Erscheinungsjahr: 2002. ISBN: 188586406. Bindung: Taschenbuch, 271 Seiten. Ehemaliger Preis: $ 16.


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The first book of erotica to originate in the trans community!

»Like magicians with a tablecloth, these stories whip the gender-binary ground out from beneath our feet with exuberance and chutzpah, leaving transpeople and their lovers standing revealed in all our strength, sexiness, and pride.«
From the Introduction by Hanne Blank and Raven Kaldera

Whether blurring the line between masculine and feminine, or making the transition from female to male or vice versa, the characters (and authors) found in Best Transgender Erotica celebrate gender variation with tantalizing, ecstatic, boundary-breaking sex. Trans pioneers mix with some of today’s top erotica writers to present twenty three of the finest, hottest, wettest, hardest stories of people loving people who might not fit into the simple categories of »boy« or »girl,« »man« or »woman.«

Table of Contents


How · Hanne Blank

The Gay Science · Charles Anders

Small Consideration · R. Gay

Wild Ride · Raven Gildea

Teenie Weenies, Inc. · Matthew Kailey

Tangaroa · Allison Lonsdale

Pinkeye · Simon Sheppard

Evolution · M. Christian

She’ll Always Own A Piece of Me · S. Naomi Finkelstein, a.k.a. Max

The Audit · Dominic Santi

Doppler · Todd Belton

No Charity · Corbie Petulengro

Up for a Nickel · Thomas S. Roche

A Dance of Queens · Sacchi Green

Mars Conjunct Venus · Magdalene Meretrix

Mallrat · Sam Kling

Becoming · Alex Gino

The Coldest Light · Gary Bowen

As The Sparks Fly Upward · Raven Kaldera

The Velveteen FTM · N. D. Hailey

Wanting That Man · Karen Taylor

Walt · Ian Philips

The Essence of Magic · Stacey Montgomery Scott

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Genre: Belletristik, Englisch, und Sonstige Belletristik

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