Joanne Meyerowitz: How Sex Changed

Spannende Beschreibung der Geschichte der Transsexualität in den USA.

Joanne Meyerowitz: How Sex Changed

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Autorin: Joanne Meyerowitz. Titel: How Sex Changed. Untertitel: A History of Transsexuality in the United States. Verlag: Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States; London, England. Erscheinungsjahr: 2002. ISBN: 0-674-01379-4. Bindung: Softcover, 363 Seiten. Preis: ca. 14 €.


About the Book

From early twentieth-century sex experiments in Europe, to the saga of Christine Jorgensen, whose sex-change surgery made headlines in 1952, to today’s growing transgender movement, Meyerowitz gives us the first serious history of transsexuality.

Book Reviews

»Examines changing definitions of gender through the prism of transsexuality, that most mysterious of conditions in which a person is born with normal chromosomes and hormones for one sex but is convinced that he or she is a member of the other. Dr. Meyerowitz shows how mutable the words ›male,‹ ›female,‹ ›sex,‹ and ›gender‹ have become, and how their meanings have evolved through time. Hers is one of several new books on the subject of the transgendered…In terms of the scientific quandary of gender, [this book] is the most important.«
Dinitia Smith, New York Times

»A sober, comprehensive cultural history that … is likely to become a standard reference in the field. … One of its great strengths is its examination of the intersection and interaction of science and culture, a type of inquiry that should serve as a model for future work on gender issues.«
Julia M. Klein, The Nation

»A masterful history. Drawing on extensive and compelling evidence, Joanne Meyerowitz shows how transsexuals, the doctors who treated them, and the media not only expanded the possibilities for individual sex change but also transformed the cultural meanings of sex, gender, and sexuality in twentieth-century America.«
Estelle B. Freedman, author of No Turning Back: The History of Feminism and the Future of Women

»Quite simply the best work on transsexual history yet produced. How Sex Changed is a wonderful introduction to the topic for newcomers as well as a solid point of departure for specialists already working in the field. A lucid, readable tour de force of archival research.
Susan Stryker, Executive Director, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual Transgender Historical Society/International Museum of GLBT History

About the Author

Joanne Meyerowitz is Professor of History at Indiana University and Editor of The Journal of American History.

Table of Contents


  1. Sex change
  2. »Ex-GI becomes blonde beauty«
  3. From sex to gender
  4. A »fierce and demanding« drive
  5. Sexual revolutions
  6. The liberal movement
  7. The next generation




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Themen: Transsexualität

Genre: Englisch und Geschichte

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